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LilBruno 30th Oct 2020, 9:44 AM edit delete
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Blake Black 30th Oct 2020, 11:05 AM edit delete reply
Blake Black
She kind of looks like April O'neil.
LilBruno 30th Oct 2020, 2:32 PM edit delete reply
Lol I got that comment on Twitch when working on the page.
Jackal 1st Nov 2020, 8:47 AM edit delete reply
Now I can't unsee it.
Agu Fungus 30th Oct 2020, 5:55 PM edit delete reply
Of course she’s not going to like what she’s forced to wear. Syd is Syd, after all.?
LilBruno 4th Nov 2020, 11:58 PM edit delete reply
At least its comfy!
Match25 31st Oct 2020, 5:15 AM edit delete reply
darn was hopig she got heels so we could see a funny face fall
LilBruno 4th Nov 2020, 11:58 PM edit delete reply
lol no, no heels
Lurker 1st Nov 2020, 2:43 AM edit delete reply
If you ask me, a boat is the perfect place to walk around barefoot. Not that there's a whole lot of wrong places.
LilBruno 4th Nov 2020, 11:57 PM edit delete reply
Not for this lady's event!
Jackal 1st Nov 2020, 8:48 AM edit delete reply
To be fair, you don't have to worry about hat hair if you're always wearing a hat.
LilBruno 4th Nov 2020, 11:57 PM edit delete reply
For someone who wears a hat constantly its an anomaly her hair isn't flat.
Jackal 5th Nov 2020, 7:10 PM edit delete reply
An anomaly I sorely wish I had...
E. Bernhard Warg 4th Nov 2020, 6:32 PM edit delete reply
It appears to be a men’s shirt. Interesting.
Jackal 4th Nov 2020, 9:13 PM edit delete reply
There are button up shirts for women. Plenty of women around my office wear them.
LilBruno 4th Nov 2020, 11:56 PM edit delete reply
What makes it a Men's shirt? Lol
Air 11th Nov 2020, 5:53 PM edit delete reply
Men's shirts have the buttons on the right side, women's on the left. I don't know why it is that way.
LilBruno 13th Nov 2020, 2:37 PM edit delete reply
Ah okay, I believe it depends on the brand, many go against that rule.
Jachin Zeke 5th Nov 2020, 9:01 PM edit delete reply
LilBruno 7th Nov 2020, 8:07 PM edit delete reply
Sorry I got sick :c Will post next Friday. (Normal Schedule is every Friday)
Jackal 8th Nov 2020, 5:13 PM edit delete reply
Just be sure to take care of yourself first!
LilBruno 13th Nov 2020, 2:38 PM edit delete reply
Thanks for concern, I'm doing better :3
LilBruno 7th Nov 2020, 8:07 PM edit delete reply
Very happy you enjoy the comic tho!
DarkWarrior 10th Nov 2020, 10:27 PM edit delete reply
That's so a "I'm not amused" face.
LilBruno 13th Nov 2020, 2:40 PM edit delete reply
very lol
Drifter 11th Nov 2020, 12:05 AM edit delete reply
To her credit, Lucinda appears to have selected a pair of shoes that can be comfortably worn without socks. Given her overall attitude towards Sydney and total inability to understand her Eevee, Lucinda is surprisingly considerate.
LilBruno 13th Nov 2020, 2:40 PM edit delete reply
Absolutely :)
Sonic879 22nd Jan 2021, 7:30 AM edit delete reply
Well, she still go around barefoot when she gets off the ship? Just wondering?
LilBruno 13th Feb 2021, 11:32 PM edit delete reply
When she backs to her adventure she will leave the shoes in her bag
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